2 phase authentication
Securing your network from the outside world

Two factor authentication systems rely on 2 factors:

  1. Something the user knows. Eg a password
  2. Something the user has. Eg a mobile phone

Without these 2 items a user will not be able to login.

Jindo utilises your existing mobile phone so there is no need to purchase expensive new hardware.

What is it?

Jindo is a 2 phase secure authentication system that protects your company network. The login process requires two phases of password authentication before a remote worker is allowed access to your network.

It is used for a roaming workforce that connects to the company network via a VPN. Before a user can connect they need to request a new “one time” password that will expire after a period of time. The new “one time” password is sent via SMS to a mobile phone. By utilising a second device it ensures that in the event of a laptop or PC being stolen the offending party will still not have all the login credentials to access the company network.

Single factor authentication systems are no longer considered a secure method of accessing systems via the internet. Users generally like to use easy to remember and hence easy to guess passwords such as date of birth or a family name. Hackers can use password gathering systems and crack these weak passwords.

3 steps to login to your secure network:

  • 1.Login to Jindo
  • 2.Request your "one time" password
  • 3.Login to your network