2 phase authentication
Securing your network from the outside world


The sole purpose of Jindo is to protect your network and data contained within it.

It is designed to protect your networks where roaming users remotely connect to share, collaberate and obtain important information.

We all hear of cases where laptops are left behind on trains or laptops being stolen. Imagine if a laptop was stolen which then had easy acess to remotely connect to your network. Not only could valuable data be stolen but depending on your network privilages also deleted. By enforcing Jindo security a new password is required each and every time so the above scenario can never occur.

Jindo also lets you monitor who is currently logged in and keeps a full history of all activity. We can also generate specfific reports to let you know if there appears to be any strange activity of users access your network. Such as frequent failed login attempts and sucessful logins made out or normal business working hours.


Case Studies

We having a roaming work force which we need to connect to our corporate network. By using Jindo we know that when each worker dials in they are connected securely. It also gives us a central inferface where we can see who is connected and how long for. By being able to tune the settings ourselves we know that if any of our laptops get stolen there is no risk to our network.

Protect Your Network.
Keep track of who is logged in...


Secure your data.
Restrict access and keep your data protected...


Peace of Mind.
Knows that your systems adhere to the highest security standards...